Growing Superheroes – Benefit Dinner 2018

On October 17th, we gathered together for an evening to celebrate the strengths of young refugees in our community. From the conversations around the dinner table, to the stories of our students and the smiles on their faces as they participated in their superhero performance, it was an evening to remember.

We felt so much support from all of you.  THANK YOU!

We listened to Krishna’s experience of the refugee journey and we were reminded how our diverse backgrounds play an important part in raising up a new  generation of young people.


Students shared with us the many ways they would use their superpowers to create a better world through their superhero personas and we discovered that these powers are strengths they have already as young people. Through the student’s example, we can re-imagine a world where our children’s strengths are used to their fullest potential.


Our young refugees have a wealth of resources and unique backgrounds that shape the way they view and impact the world. By supporting refugee children in education, we empower them to become leaders in our businesses, communities, and in our world.

From early childhood education to high school graduation, you are helping to ensure that our youngest refugees get the support they need. 

Thank you  for strengthening our efforts as we work together to reach more refugee children in our community.


Ps. If you couldn’t attend, but would still like to donate, please visit the link here. 

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