Are you passionate about making a difference?

“Raise For Refugees” Campaign starts Now!

Help reach our goal: $10,000 by World Refugee Day on June 20th! Your support will provide 10 new refugee students the support they need next school year.

What are you waiting for?  

Are you a Networker? Artist? Designer? Blogger? Runner? Walker? Do you like to host dinner parties?

Use your talents to help support education for refugee kids.

Ideas to get you started:

5/3rd River Bank Run (May 13th)

Flamingo Challenge

Ride for Refugees Cycling Challenge

GR to Rockford Walk-a-thon!

Car Wash

Bake Sale

Craft Sale

Yard Sale

Dinner Party

Sponsored Sport Event

Talent Show/Open Mic Night

Progress to $10,000

Raised to date 840$


Have an idea but need help to make it happen? No matter how big or small, we are here to help you! Give us a call or email:

Here is a toolkit to get started:


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