better together.


We, you, us

We believe a rising tide lifts all boats. We believe that a diverse set of skills and experiences, merged with a shared common goal, will lead us to a thriving West Michigan community where all have the opportunity to pursue a better future. We believe that our diversity is what gives us strength. We believe collectively we can make a difference.

For you, it’s more than just words. For you, your resources have power. For you, the time to act is now.

Do you agree?

Then take the pledge. By donating just $5/mo (or more) you can put your money where your heart is. You can make a difference by supporting the Refugee Education Center’s mission on an ongoing basis - ensuring that high quality, equitable services are provided to our new neighbors and friends.

Between now and the end of 2019 - a generous supporter has agreed to match every recurring gift, dollar-per-dollar, to double the impact!